Thursday, 12 February 2015



In collaboration with British Council ISA, our school conducted various activities to develop our students at a global level. One of them was the 'Folk Tale Activity' which had two sections of activities.

First section of this activity was exchanging folktales and enactment of the same by the students. For this, our partner school was AGONA ASAFO CATHOLIC BASIC SCHOOL, from Ghana. We gave them our Indian folk tale ‘The Magical Drum’ with all the necessary requirements and in return they provided us with the African folk tale of their culture – ‘The Happy Man’. Students of our school enacted the same with great enthusiasm.

Second section of this activity was mutually selecting a folk tale and enacted of the same according to one’s own culture. For this, our partner school was HSHIMI PREP BOYS SCHOOL 1 from Jordan. We both selected a folk tale ‘The Long Names’ and the same was enacted by the student beautifully.

This activity, in short gave an opportunity for the students to know about the culture of different countries and to make the cultural bond  stronger.   

 The above pictures are from the enactment "The Happy Man"

Below are the pictures from the enactment - "The Long Names"

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